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Why do the "sceptic" movement spread lies about chiropractors?
Could it have to do with their "expert" on the subject?

an example: "
A lie from S Novella:

Chiropractor Breaks Baby’s Neck – A Risk vs Benefit Analysis

It is unfortunately that individual dramatic cases are often required to garner public and regulatory attention toward a clear problem. The Australian press is reporting:

The real story:

A CHIROPRACTOR has been cleared over claims a baby's neck was broken during a treatment.
An expert report undertaken by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, a federal body set up to replace state-based health regulators, quoted a radiologist who examined the four-month-old baby and found that there was "no evidence of fracture".
Fairfax newspapers reported claims by a Melbourne doctor who had cared for the baby last year that one of her vertebrae had been fractured during a chiropractic treatment for torticollis, which involves an abnormal head position because of a weakness in the spine.
The AHPRA report found that the child had congenital spondylolysis, a malformation of the spine, and the child's father had a similar condition. It concluded that "the treatment reported as provided would not be expected to produce sufficient force to cause a fracture to C1 or C2 vertabra in an infant".
"The loss of head control apparent after treatment could have been the result of unrelated factors," it said.
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Is it because of their expert(Stephen Barrett) on the subject, and his background ?  :        

Steven Novella he who is behind the blogg SBM(Science based medicin) was "scientific advisor" for 

ACSH, but he was criticized for that because of ACSH fierce resistance against "Obamacare"(Affordable Care Act) ACA. Novella is not official connected to ACSH, but his propaganda is the same. Much of much of Novellas writings is such that benefits the insurance companies in the health sector, who are keen to minimize costs. 

  Novella shedding many of the old lies about chiropractic, which was fabricated by the AMA banned COMMITTEE.(See other articles on this blogg) 

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